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Body Transformation Bundle 2.0

Cycled through our 3 original MAPS programs already and ready for a new challenge? Then this bundle is for you.

MAPS Anabolic Advanced is a program designed to maximize muscle growth and strength for people with strength training experience. This is the only MAPS program that carefully utilizes training to failure to maximize its effects while minimizing its potential negatives which include injury and overtraining. It also includes weighted stretching techniques to maximize the pump and take advantage of novel muscle building stimulus.

MAPS Symmetry is a workout program that focuses on building a balanced, sculpted and symmetrical body. It utilizes unique and specific exercises that target each side of the body INDEPENDENTLY so that weaker areas become stronger, lagging body parts develop faster and the whole body sculpts and builds in a way that produces a very harmonious aesthetic look. MAPS Symmetry was created so that people had a workout program that didn’t just get them stronger, it did so in a balanced way.

MAPS Cardio is a workout program designed for people who value stamina, endurance and who love cardio-based workouts. MAPS Cardio will make you breathe hard, sweat like crazy and burns extreme calories. It was created to maximize the positive benefits of hard cardio workouts like running or doing the stairmaster while mitigating the negative effects that these workouts can sometimes have (muscle loss and metabolism slow down).

MAPS Prime is a program designed to noticeably amplify the benefits and results of your existing workouts through mobility training and exercises. It acts as your Pre/Intra/Post workout supplement by customizing mobility sessions to your own body and teaching you how to implement them into your current workout routine.

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