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New to Weightlifting Bundle

The perfect succession of programs to last you the full first half of the year. Great place for ANYONE to start who has never got into resistance training. All 4 programs can be done at home.

MAPS Starter was designed specifically for the beginner who has little to no experience with resistance training or who hasn’t trained consistently for a few years. Designed to increase strength, build muscle and improve overall health, stability and mobility, it comes with a full workout breakdown that tells you exactly what to do for your workouts throughout an entire 9 week period. This is the first program you will follow.

MAPS Anabolic is our foundational program. It is a full body weightlifting and muscle building program that requires 2-3 gym sessions per week with off day "trigger sessions". It is phased into 4 mini-cycles to make sure you see CONTINUAL progress. It is 12 week program from start to finish. 

MAPS Anywhere is our program for people who prefer to workout at home, on the road, or literally anywhere away from a traditional gym. MAPS Anywhere is more effective than most gym based workout routines because of its expert programming and phasing. It is broken up into 2 phases, each lasting 2 weeks. Once you have completed Starter and Anabolic, you will finish with MAPS Anywhere.

MAPS Prime is a program designed to noticeably amplify the benefits and results of your existing workouts through mobility training and exercises. It acts as your Pre/Intra/Post workout supplement by customizing mobility sessions to your own body and teaching you how to implement them into your current workout routine.

*All of these programs can be done at home.

*This offer saves you $298